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[Tutorial] How to Mod Gamerscore (In Depth) (NOOB PROOF)

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Things you will need:

1. Hard Drive

2. Xport360

3. Transfer Cable

4. Le Fluffie

5. OSCAR Game Adder



1. You'll want to get your profile out of your Hard Drive by connecting your Hard Drive to Xport 360.

2. Then when in Xport360 Choose Partition 3

3 Content (Profiles etc.)

4. Then click on FFFE007D File (it isnt exact but it will look similar)

5. After that (depending on how many profiles you have) you'll See A E0005ASD61131 File (Also That will vary because every profile is different)

6. Drag that to your desktop!

Le Fluffie

7. Then You'll want to open your profile into Le Fluffie by going to "File"

8. "Open a File"

9. Once you do that select your profile from your desktop (thats the E0005ASD61131 file)

10. Then Select "Open"

11. After you've done that select the "Profile" Tab from the top.

12. If you want to unlock all at once select "Unlock ALL" or click on the "Achievements" to do each one indvidually

13. NOTE* If you do unlock Indvidually you want to press "Save to Profile - Save Dash GPD to Profile" Button (you can also change time and date Achievement got "unlocked" by using the apropriate pull down menus)

14. After you've unlocked all the achievements you want click on the "Security" tab (next to the "Profile" Tab)

15. Make sure, "Sign for CON" is bubbled in and, "Rehash" is checked mark.

16. Then click "Fix" (After That you're done with Le Fluffie!)


Back to Xport360

17. Next, Drag your profile (from desktop) back into the same folder you took out the original Profile. (in Xport360)

18. Once you do you'll get a prompt and when it pops up click "Yes to All".

19. After That you're all set! Unplug Your HDD from your computer then back into your xbox then, Voila!

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Tmk user-1
great guide hope to see more from you in the future
+ rep

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TMK Owner
nice STEVEN!!!!!

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No Problem Guys! Hoping to release how to change avatar color, gamertag modding, how to jtag, how to setup lobby, how to dump NAND (KVs) etc. so I got alot more stuff coming!

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Nice work keep it up it is very helpful

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