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[Tutorial] How To Add Any Gamer Picture FREE

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1[Tutorial] How To Add Any Gamer Picture FREE Empty [Tutorial] How To Add Any Gamer Picture FREE on Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:52 pm

How To Add Any Gamer Picture FREE


XSata, Xport, or someway to access you Xbox 360 HDD

Gamer Picture Injector (Mirror 1


Open GPI 2.0.exe

If you are searching for gamer pictures from a fairly recent game select:
File -> Update Games -> All Games

Click on the dropdown list and search for your game.

Click search.

Select up to 30 images. Selected images will show up in the panel on your right.

Click Export to CON. Type in the name you want for you CON file. Try to keep the name short and don't use special characters.

Move the CON file to your Xbox 360 Hard Drive or Memory Card.
For the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Place it in the following folder:
Hard Drive: Partition 3/Content/0000000000000000/FFFE07D1/00020000

For a Memory Card place it in the following folder:
Memory Card: Partition 2/Content/0000000000000000/FFFE07D1/00020000

Turn on your Xbox and select your new gamer picture. You must be connected to Xbox Live to select it.

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