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How to get a FREE Xbox 360 controller

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1How to get a FREE Xbox 360 controller Empty How to get a FREE Xbox 360 controller on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:23 am

This is a tutorial on how you can get up to 4 (!) FREE xBox360 Controllers:
CAUTION: This will only work if you never had a warranty-case before!!

1. Call the Support service from Microsoft.

2. Go to the Accessories section.

3. Bring out your serial number and tell the MS Supporter, that your Xbox 360 Controller isn't working fine. Say something like the A-Button isn't working correctly anymore.

4.They should tell you they don't repair x360 Controllers anymore so he's going to send you a new one.

5. Tell him where you live, your telephone number etc., he will check everything one more time and will send a brand new FREE Controller straight to you!

6. Now Step Six, this is very important if you want to do it more times: After you got your Controller call MS one more time and tell them that you want your personal data on that serial number (of your xBox360) deleted due to your own data protection. He has to do it!

7. Now, if you want more Controllers, just wait 1-3 weeks and do this whole story again

NOTE: You can only do this up to 3 or 4 Controllers otherwise they could know something's wrong there

Now, if there's a Repair-Station near you, they will give you the address to it and you can fix your Controller there for free, but if there isn't any Station next to you, you will get a free one from them so you have a chance of 50 : 50.

******IMPORTANT****** (If the upper case does not occur, you can still do as following)

If the employee says that he will send you a new controller as soon as you send in the damaged controller, then tell him that you will do so.
He or She should give you a job-number (Take care of that number, you will need it later!!) with what they can check the status of the delivery of your controller.
From now on there are two possibilities:

1. You will still get the controller without sending in your "damaged" controller. Yes, even if they want you to send in the damaged controller, they might send you a new one, without you having sent it the "damaged" controller. Maybe it's just that they see if you are really talking the truth.
2. You will really need to send in the "damaged" controller so that they know this is legitimate.

In most cases it is the Possibility number 1! (But not always)

If possibility 1 occurs then you're lucky, but if possibility 2 occurs, then do as following:

Do not send in your "damaged" controller. Then, after one or two weeks of wait, call back MS and tell them that you have sent in your damaged controller to the given address.
The employee should now ask you for the job-number that they had given you. Give him the number, he will check it and should say that there didn't came any damaged controller from you. Now, you have to tell him, that you in fact did send in the controller but you didn't received a new one though!

(If you want, you can also tell them that it is really annoying because you have XBL Gold and can't play online because you just have one controller so you paid for gold but can't use the benefits. Maybe he/she will also give you a free 3/6/12 months XBL Gold Card or another present).

Back to business: After telling them that you still have not received the new controller, they should be forced to send you a new one. They will actually not be able to check if you are saying the truth or not, because they cannot check it.

At the end they will send you a brand new controller!

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