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How to get a FREE 60GB harddrive

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1How to get a FREE 60GB harddrive Empty How to get a FREE 60GB harddrive on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:32 am

What you need
1. A Phone
2. A Brain

What to do-60GB HDD
1. Call Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX or 1-800-469-9269
2. Go to Technical Support
3. Accessories
4. From there it will ask you what it could help you with, say None of those
5. It will ask for your Info Give it your Legit info
6. When you get a hold of the Representative tell them that your 60GB HDD is turning your console off when ever you have it in your 360. Let them talk, than say its when ever you use your 60GB and when u put your 20GB in it works fine, they will go through some trouble shooting steps. Say you did all of them. They will say When did u get this Harddrive say like last month.
7. They will than say that they can replace it, and would you like to send it in? Say no because you have some stuff on it. They will say ok we will send you a replacement.
8. Wait a few days and there you go you have a new 60GB HDD

1. I may have left some steps out
2. Works 75% of the time
3. If they say something else thats not listed here use your brain
4. I have not tested with any other Hard Drive
5. This is how i got my 60GB HDD
6. Good Luck

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