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1 MANY NEW GLITCHES FOUND I WILL SHARE A FEW! on Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:43 pm

TMK x bball23o

TMK x bball23o
Tmk user-1
-Get a 7 or 8 Killstreak WITHOUT using your Precision airstrike. Use your Harrier Airstrike over a group of confirmed enemies for 1-2 kills or this won’t work.

-Call in the precision Airstrike.

-Immediately after getting it, call in the stealth bomber. As long as you call in the Precision Airstrike and the Stealth Bomber before the second harrier leaves, the glitch will work.

–Instead of a precision airstrike, an Additional Stealth bomber will come in. So, 2 stealth bombers come in wherever you called them, one about 2 seconds after the other.

—You can place the stealth bomber wherever you like. Since it sweeps all the way across the map, if you put one stealth bomber on each side of the map, you clear out almost everyone.

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Merk Me Jerk

Merk Me Jerk
Most valued poster
Never heard of this one, I'll try it in private match. Nice post.

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