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TMK x bball23o

TMK x bball23o
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themoddingkrew was founded and created in 2010 by a group of friends in the USA that were tired of searching around on the internet for glitches related to the Call Of Duty series. Along founding the site, our intentions were to have a small based forum where friends and others could come together and share gaming experiences, tips, and above all... glitches.

That being our initial intention, we later found out a lot of others also shared our same idea's wanting to have a community of friends that revolved around the same interest and upholding a quality environment of members and glitches. Over the last few months we have grew to an unbelievable size of members, well rounded internet traffic to our site, and we are continuing to expand, listing to everyone's suggestions and comments regarding any issues of the site to better fit your needs!

Now we are asking for your support back. We as a growing website have expenses to keep up so the website can stay afloat. We are still a non-profit and all proceeds will go towards server cost, bandwidth cost, site repair, ads, and 10th lobbies. As being a member of the TMK, you are asked to join our small subscription of $3.95 per month and help maintain our site. You will be billed and can cancel at anytime.

Benefits To Subscribing:

Name Color Change. This color is unique only to the Donators.
No Advertisements On Any Pages
Access To Special Section In Our Forums Only Mods/Admins And You Can See.
Inbox/Outbox Message Storage Increased To Hold 1000 Messages
Larger Avatar Icons
Possible Listings Of Your Account On The Home Page
Access To Special Drawings In The Supporters Forum
Ability To Speak Directly With Site Administrators

How To Subscribe:

Note: You Do Not Have To Have A PayPal Account, You Can Use Your Debit/Credit Card.

1. To support the website please visit the Donate link which is found at the bottom of the forum page or in the portal

2. Please choose the term you wish to support. Prices are subject to change.

3. This will lead you to PayPal secure website. You can pay through your PayPal account, or enter a credit card or debit card.

4. This is not reoccurring fee. To renew your subscription you will have to manually re-enter your information.

Note: You will not automatically be changed to the new Subscriber group instantaneously. This is a security measure we are taking to make sure only true Subscribers are submitted. As soon as payment has been received, a message is dispatched out to our administrators. We will change your new usergroup by hand within 24 hours.

Other Options To Supporting The Site:

Another way of supporting the site is creative promoting. We do not support spamming other sites like i did, but spreading the word to others is a very good way of helping the forums grow!

Any other comments on this or suggestions please contact an administrator or moderator.

Thanks bball23o

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